Battle of the Films Horror League: Fixture 1


So I had 9 nominations so I took it upon myself to make it even number by nominating a 2nd movie
I now have 10 films (the number required to hold a normal league)

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • The Thing (1982)
  • Childs Play (Chucky 1)

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  • Saw: The Final Chapter
  • Cabin in the Woods

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  • Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
  • Drag Me To Hell

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  • Wrong Turn 1
  • Saw 1

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  • Insidious 1
  • The Conjuring 1

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It’s Ready

Please Note: I know some people on the tag list didn’t nominate and also stated that they will not take part, but you will stay on the tag list throughout this league as I will use the list for the next league, but you don’t need to vote.

If anyone wishes to be tagged in a second post please sign up by tagging me to your post stating you want to be tagged and stay upto date with B.O.T


Even though I haven’t seen The Conjuring, I voted for it because for me in my opinion Incidious was just plain boring and awful


It’s ready



Ummmm, I’ve only seen 2 of these films. I’ll vote based on which I’d rather see.


Which two?!? @the_termin8r


The conjuring and the cabin.


Yeh I thought you should save Shaun of the Dead for the comedy section which i may do last…

Next im thinking is either Thriller or True Movies


I’m saving Hot fuzz for that (best comedy ever IMO)

I don’t even know if I’ve even seen any true story films.


Sorry @acemasters I haven’t seen a single one of them. I won’t be taking part! And don’t worry, I read that I will still be tagged :slightly_smiling_face:


I wasn’t tagged on the Nominations post, so I had no idea this was gonna take place :pensive: Sorry!


You guys will literally laugh…i just hearing the names of these movies for the first time except the conjuring…my friend told that.
Sorry @acemasters i won’t be taking part this time…apologies…[quote=“acemasters, post:7, topic:29542”]
Next im thinking is either Thriller or True Movies
Yep i have seen some


@yomarques ah crap…my bad :frowning: will re add ya to the tag list


Looked back over the thread, the primary tag list was missing, we just got the secondary.


@the_termin8r yeah just went back to look the whole primary list was missed thats my bad
I own that s**t my apologies


@Honey8 thats fine just know your name will still appear on the tag list makes it easier then editing it and re-editing


@the_termin8r true movies can be based on true events

So the likes of Captain Philips, The Theory of Everything etc etc would be more then ok


Going back on this league

I feel Saw 7 really has an unfair advantage
Having Chester Bennington in the film gives it an edge lol


It’s okay, it happens! No problem at all :slight_smile:


I’ll more attention for the next league nominations

But hope you still take part in this league and vote :slight_smile: @yomarques


Yes, absolutely!! @acemasters