Battle of the films Horror League: Fixture 7


As the last fixture slowly sneaks up on us and the fight for the top 4 is hotting up
However, if The Thing (1982) loses it’s match it will be out of the running for a top 4 finish

Let’s move on to fixture 7

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • The Thing (1982)
  • Saw 1

0 voters

  • Drag Me To Hell
  • The Conjuring 1

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  • Cabin In The Woods
  • Insidious 1

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  • Childs Play 1 (Chucky 1)
  • Wrong Turn 1

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  • Saw: The Final Chapter
  • Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

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Fixture 6 Results

Table so far

It’s Ready

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It’s ready



4th and last choices are hard ones for me :see_no_evil:


This is a slow one
Gonna keep this open for one more day


Saw 7 and conjuring 1 on tie!
My friend told me conjuring 1 is literally scary. Haven’t seen that.


The conjuring 1 was hilarious :joy: That bit where the girl starts getting dragged around the room by her hair had me in stitches :joy:


Oh great!! :+1:


Two things

One, At times i couldn’t see the pit properly as was too focused on the stage
From what I saw didnt see much of a pit get going

Two, there have been many “horrors” that people find funny as hell
My partner found The Exocist very amusing lol


Yeah, I watched a few available vids after making the post and it seems that it was just the front that got mad, the rest seemed meh.

The Exorcist is the single worst and single funniest film I’ve ever seen.


Oh. I will try someday


Don’t, it’s a waste of time. It’s about 2.5h long and nothing happens for the first 2h.


Oh! great then better not to see! thnx for not wasting my time! :smile: