Battle of the films Sci-Fi League: Final Results/Table, Awards and Horror Nominations


So after an eventful final couple of fixtures the results are in
The Final fixture results

Final Table

Now time for some awards
The Unbeaten award: Terminator 2 (9 wins)
The biggest loser award: Resident Evil: Retribution
Biggest Shock: This one is a tough one but i’m going to go for Interstellar i didn’t expect it to do so well
Biggest Flop: Arrival even though it racked up 1 win it still had a vote difference of -75

Now for the next stage of B.O.T.F
Time for Horror

Yes that is right
What scares you?
What makes you queasy?

I will reveal my nomination last.


  1. 1 nomination each unless I say other wise
  2. you can’t nominate a franchise but can nominate 1 film from a franchise. Example you can’t nominate Nightmare On Elm street as a whole but can Nominate one of those films, you need to be precise
  3. Please, if there is a remake of the film, make sure you say Original or Remake
    4 ) Tag me in your nominations please
  4. I need a total of at least 10 films before it begins


It’s ready



Justin Bieber Never say never @acemasters


Go wash your mouth out
We won’t have that kinda language on here thank you :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Seriously i’m not accepting that lol


I’ve barely watched any horror films so I dont think I’ll be participating


Not a horror fan @rickvanmeijel


I’m also not a fan of horror films too but if I could nominate one… That’s Saw 7 @acemasters :thinking:


That’s my problem also, I’ve seen a few but they all seem like the same gimmick to me.

If you’ll allow a horror comedy I’d like to nominate Shawn of the dead (awesome film)

But if it is strictly “scary” horror they I guess I’ll say Cabin in the woods @acemasters


I’d consider Horror/Comedies as well if it helps


@NoireXJasper i was actually thinking of excluding Saw 7: The Final Chapter because I feel it would have an unfair advantage but think i will let it stand


@acemasters “Drag me to hell” (2009)


[spoiler]Shaun: It’s Saturday!

Pete: No, it’s not. It’s fucking Sunday. And I’ve got to go to fucking work in four fucking hours 'cos every other fucker in my fucking department is fucking ill! NOW CAN YOU SEE WHY I’M SO FUCKING ANGRY!?

Ed: Fuck, yeah![/spoiler]

Best lines here :joy:


Insidious (The first)


@acemasters conjuring 1


My reaction after seeing The Matrix at 2nd position:


T2 is the cult. And a big one.


I still think T2 is the best action sci-fi ever made


Yup, the terminator terminated everybody:


Terminator wins so… :smirk::cookie:


I haven’t seen any horror film…
So not participating this time :smirk:
But i am happy after T-2 win. Its the best Sci-fi film :smile:
Thats right…T-2 terminated everyone :wink: