Battle of the Films Sci-Fi League: Fixture 7


So T-2 battered the crap out of SW:TESB and TM kick ID arse and now Interstellar is now in 4th place on vote difference and BttF2 is only 3 points behind 4th/5th so the race to finish in the top 4 is hotting up

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • Resident Evil: Retribution
  • The Chronicles of Reddick

0 voters

  • Arrival
  • Interstellar

0 voters

  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  • Ex-Machina

0 voters

  • The Matrix
  • Back to the Future 2

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  • Independance Day
  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

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Fixture 6 Results

Table so far

It’s Ready

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It’s ready



Damn, Empire in 3rd? I expected a close second.


It lost to both “Rise of the Machines” Films


I need to come up with a better nomination for the next Genre

Thinking Horror next…
Or maybe Comedy…
Or maybe True Stories?
The choices are endless


Arrival last… i thought that would be 2nd last…


Its your choice… :wink:


You could set up a vote at the end of this league.


I agree with you :wink:


Ah yea… @the_termin8r is right


@the_termin8r -2 is gonna win this BOTF


I think with my nomination losing and if it loses completely it is likely it will be out of the running


I wanna get the unbeaten award :stuck_out_tongue:


It is most likely to go unbeaten right to the end
There is only 2 fixtures after this and the run that T-2 has it WILL finish the league unbeaten unless there is a freaky twist of fate


yeah you will…dont worry :smile:


Arrival v Interstellar… why do I have to choose :sob:


I think arrival is doing so poorly because nobody has seen it, I certainly haven’t.


yeah I know, it wasn’t a big blockbuster


even i havent seen it :neutral_face:


What about a Tarantino’s movies battle?:slight_smile: