Battle of the Films TV Show Final Results Awards and Next Nomination information


Lets begin with the final 2 fixtures

Fixture 12 & 13 Results

Now for the final table

The awards:

Unbeaten award: The Addams Family (13 wins)
Biggest Loser: Sex and the City (13 Losses)
Biggest Shock: Scooby-Doo (I didn’t expect it to finish so high)
Championship Award: The Addams Family

Right you lovely lot before we even begin nominations we need a Genre first
So here is a poll of genres, you get 1 vote
Most votes wins and then i will host a nomination round

  • Thriller
  • True Movies
  • Disney Movies
  • Chick Flicks
  • Box Set Movies

0 voters


It’s Ready


It’s ready



Its ready



Biggest looser :joy::joy:
Nice results - not what I expected them to be but nice :slight_smile:

I fought for Star Trek, Ghost in the Shell and Serenity, at least one is in the first few places :slight_smile:



I actually thought Star Trek would win, it started off strong but minor losses against Addams Family and Mr. Bean 2 stopped it in its tracks


LOL at sex and the city


And the Addams won! :laughing: no doubt about it… :rofl:
Rip sex and the city…:joy:
And poor David Brent… :see_no_evil: :laughing:


The Simpsons ended in 4th place, no bad (compared with my last nomination jaja) Let’s see what await for us in the next one.

Congratulations to The Addams Family :tada:


Thank you @acemasters !! Was a great one <3 I appreciate the time and effort you put into these every day <3

Disney movies eh? I don’t trust you lot :stuck_out_tongue: We all know Star Wars The Force Awakens is the best Disney film of all time…



Careful…there might be a twist to this poll mwahahahahahaha


POTC 2. I hope thriller wins, I’ve been saving Moon as my nomination since this league started.


I might ninja your nomination just to annoy you :stuck_out_tongue:


Try it and I’ll terminate you before you were even born.


Wait and see boy. Wait and see.


My nomination is Moon for when thriller wins @acemasters

@aaran I’m waiting, and I’m seeing. And what I see is that I beat you to it :stuck_out_tongue:



Better luck next time


Alas, the army of Disney drones is an evil that not even skynet can defeat. Much like the droves of iDrones.


Do you want to build a snowman?


Ill give it a little more time and then i will start nominations