Battle of the Songs: 1st Edition Hybrid Theory vs Meteora 2nd Round



So I put the winners of the last round into a random generator and the order of the outcome is the order of matches

Enjoy round 2

  • Numb
  • Session

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  • In The End
  • Breaking The Habit

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  • A Place For My Head
  • Runaway

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  • From The Inside
  • Figure.09

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  • Forgotten
  • With You

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  • Pushing Me Away
  • Faint

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It’s Ready


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Would be easier if we could see the results while voting :wink:


I like the idea of not being able to see because your not voting with the majority but voting with instincts


Nevr have, never do, never will.


Why choose the one that’s winning? That just seems boring to me lol. I always go with my favorite between each song.


Thanx for the nice and hard battles- hope you had a good xmas with your family :blush:


sorry, I arrive each oo late in the conversation, never voted ouch…nevertheless I enjoy just reading he titles evokes so much ! have a nice day and a nice week-end