Battle of the Songs: A Thousand Suns League Final Fixture


Here it is
The final fixture
Now remember because of my own mistake
You will see a couple songs facing off more then once in this fixture
The top 4 can change as well with the shocking win of Iridescent against Burning In The Skies
Iridescent can now get top 4 IF it wins against The Catalyst by more then 4 votes
And BITS loses its match
Blackout could also pitch to top 4 if it wins it’s two matches
It is all to play for

Also please can all voters please vote on all matches
Without further delay here it is

Fixture 9

  • Waiting For The End
  • The Messenger

0 voters

  • The Catalyst
  • Iridescent

0 voters

  • Robot Boy
  • Blackout

0 voters

  • The Messenger
  • Blackbirds

0 voters

  • Wretches And Kings
  • Blackout

0 voters

  • When They Come For Me
  • Burning In The Skies

0 voters

The table so far



Another one of those weird dynamics: The Catalyst, 2nd favorite, is going under Iridescent, in 5th position. Why :question:


That is the beauty of B.O.T.S
No song is certain to win








Just can see what is done inbetween here and there :smiling_imp:


The Messenger vs Blackbirds maaaan :thinking:


WTCFM vs BITS :sweat:


Dang thants one cute kitty


what areyou guys talking about? seemed to be interessting…lol for further information I´m available…lol just go on the VOTE NOW :blush: it isso nice to have you back, and right now I saweven @amitrish posted again, still alive and all together, love :heart:the inner LPU


Can’t wait for all the leagues to be done so I can reveal the final twist


LOOOOOOOOOL :laughing:


Also if it stays this way

For the first time the top 2 will be unbeaten

And further more
The only league to produce a winner that lost at least one match would be Hybrid Theory League

Every other league produced an unbeaten winner

Meteora - Numb
M2M - Leave Out All The Rest
ATS - (If it remains like this) Waiting For The End (Winner), The Catalyst (Unbeaten Runner Up)