Battle of the Songs: A Thousand Suns League Fixture 2


Can I also ask ALL VOTERS to please VOTE ON ALL MATCHES in the fixture to make it fair and even
Cut off point for votes is 30
If there is 30 votes on a match and I haven’t closed the polls please don’t vote on the match that has 30 votes or your vote MAY NOT count

Fixture 2

  • Iridescent
  • Blackout

0 voters

  • The Messenger
  • When They Come For Me

0 voters

  • Blackbirds
  • The Catalyst

0 voters

  • Wretches And Kings
  • Burning In The Skies

0 voters

  • Waiting For The End
  • Robot Boy

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Fixture 1 results

Table so far


Again no probs to vote. Seems ATS is the easiest yet.


Poor Robot Boy
It’s getting spanked


It’s a good song but it’s probably the weakest here. The demo is way better than the original too in my opinion.


I was distracted this week end, I lost the first round.
Big fan of The Catalyst, I hope it’ll receive more love than NMS did :slight_smile: I have it as a ringtone too.


I agree the demo version was much better
Yeh this is the song that every song is most likely going to beat
What im starting to call the 0pts song


Didn’t expect Blackbirds to get such a spanking
I know the Catalyst is a great song but thought Blackbirds would hold its own


Good night people
Keep the voting going


Always…the voting will never end…did mine this morning, me for messenger and robot boy…lol don´t like the pure hype on hymnes…for me outsiders are more intressting lol, the show must go on @acemasters


Good moring LP:Forum


6 more votes until polls close or in the next 24hrs


If you don’t want to keep posting this in your blog, you don’t have to.


another good example, that we are not sharing sm kinda humor :joy: :sweat_smile: Buddie @samuel_the_leader ! But maybe you like to blogpost it for a while, would be ok with me, and I grant you the fun! Truementoffer :sunglasses:


No-one has to do any blog post if they don’t want to

But if someone wants to do it then that would be a great help to the game

Just need to know if @The_early_walker will continue to do so or if someone else wants to take over the blog post for abit


hey Dude, did you ever felt me like I´m overdone with it? I love it,[I ever thought I transorted right THIS ENJOYING SPIRIT within my blogposts, even as in the post here inside,

and if you read the whole post, it would clear up the meaning, I think, but if @samuel_the_leader interprets this like he posted, I say my answer…so, at least ya league, and we work good together imo, never change a running system, in short words…lol? @acemasters


Knew I could count on you @The_early_walker
Yes I believe the league is far better with you helping me out with the blog post and would consider it an honour for you to carry on with it


I didn’t even know people actually read those things (the blogs).


You can´t imagine, what ya words mean right now for me—thank you from the deepest of my heardt----to get sth like this said, I´m not used to and it hurts also a bit, BUT: the living things lead us on, youguy @acemasters seemedtobeamazing…


@the_termin8r1 ever since @The_early_walker did the blogs from the first league I’ve been recieving alot more votes then 18
And I am a strong believer that the blog is the reason that the league is such a hit

But whichever way I see it
All I know is that it’s thanks to EVERYONE that make this possible and makes it worth doing


as always songs that i chose have less votes