Battle of the Songs: A Thousand Suns League Fixture 4


Remember the vote limit will be at 30
If a match already has 30 votes, please don’t vote as your vote may not count

Please vote on all matches to make it fair and even

Fixture 4

  • Iridescent
  • Blackbirds

0 voters

  • Wretches And Kings
  • The Messenger

0 voters

  • Waiting For The End
  • Blackout

0 voters

  • Robot Boy
  • When The Come For Me

0 voters

  • Burning In The Skies
  • Catalyst

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Fixture 3 Results

Table so far


After this league is done I will remind you on the songs progressing to Champions League


Hey @acemasters, good morning from ya lpu-family…lol…:grinning:


WFTE vs Blackout :sweat:


You really hate me :weary: Burning in the Skies vs The Catalyst and Waiting for the End vs Blackout :frowning2:


They have to all face each other sooner or later :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Come on lets push for votes


Argh Iridescent vs. Blackbirds :grimacing:


It was hard to take a decision “Iridescent vs Blackbirds” :confused:


Votes to close in 12hrs


I’m surprised Burning in the Skies is as popular as it is


think mb cause it´s really relaxing…this burning in the skies


Fixture 5 will go up monday morning (10am ish) british standard time


good night @acemasters