Battle of the Songs: A Thousand Suns League Fixture 6


We are now half way through
Looks like the top 4 has a handle on things but still 4 fixtures left including this one

Vote limit per match is 30
If a match has 30 votes total please do not vote as your vote may not count

Please vote on every match to make it fair and even
Thank you
Fixture 6

  • Iridescent
  • Waiting For The End

0 voters

  • Robot Boy
  • Wretches And Kings

0 voters

  • Burning In The Skies
  • Blackbirds

0 voters

  • The Catalyst
  • The Messenger

0 voters

  • When They Come For Me
  • Blackout

0 voters


Fixture 5 Results

Table so far


Yes, got first vote on everything again. I got it a couple of fixtures ago too.


WFTE vs Iridescent was tough. Had to go with WFTE though since it means a lot to me.

Overall, I’m not surprised with the results so far, I was expecting Wretches to be top 3 though.


the messenger needs love…:anguished:


Come on Blackbirds
I was expecting better from you!!!


Another easy round for me :slight_smile: Glad to see that The Catalyst isn’t this album’s NMS and it’s much more loved.


Got a slow fixture here :joy::joy::joy::joy:


weekend fixures are aalways faster, and: if you set [oh sry, your program] sorts out such difficult pairings…it cots time to cry, ya know @acemasters :joy: even out of joy


Someone didnt vote in the first match



WFTE vs Iridescent (wtf) :cold_sweat:


Looks like I have to use my vote to balance it out


you have to change or enlarge your name to acemastersthebalancer, lol long but fitting imo, yes I know you Buddie lol :upside_down: [love this new upsidedown thing, learn to love upsidedown in my life right now…lol @acemasters


Need the final push

Polls close in 12 and half hrs