Battle of the Songs: A Thousand Suns League Fixture 8


Here it is after a long absence here is fixture 8

I ask all voters to please vote on ALL MATCHES to make it fair and even

Also a little note
Due to me having to re-create the league I will not be able to post the results but will still be able to post up the table
Also due to the mixture of the fixtures there maybe songs that will face off more then once just like i Hybrid Theory League towards the end
BITS vs Iridescent
Please note that these songs may have already faced off but just used this as an example

Table so far

Fixture 8

  • The Catalyst
  • Robot Boy

0 voters

  • Burning In The Skies
  • Iridescent

0 voters


  • The Messenger
  • Blackout

0 voters


  • When They Come For Me
  • Waiting For The End To Come

0 voters

  • Wretches And Kings
  • Blackbirds

0 voters


Spread the word
B.O.T.S is back and fully running


Done! :slight_smile: :revolving_hearts:


Welcome back @acemasters ! Great to see you again!


The only hard one was WTCFM v WFTE


Easy one for me. So glad to have BOTS back :grin:


Thank You @AJ7
It’s good to be back @YoMarques
Took a long time to go through all the results to sort this league out came close to a restart but seeing how sooooo many matches already passed thought i’d let it run it’s current course


Thank You :blush:


Erm quick update…
The Messenger and Blackout have already faced each other therefore the match is VOID


Cheers Acemasters…these battle of the songs is a great idea…cool and interesting to see which songs people really like compared to each other


I believe this is a more precise way of finding out peoples fav of each album because every song faces off with each other


You should do BOTA (Battle of the albums) once we eventually get through all of the BOTS


Hmmmm maybe
Would be very short though unless I include bonus albums like CC, Reanimation, Recharged maybe all the LPU albums
and possibly DBS: OoA and FM: TRT


Here we go. First one after the break was easy


Why are the second to last and third to last polls void @acemasters ?


It’s only the match The Messenger vs Blackout as they have already faced each other before


Yay! Voting again!


Voting to close tomorrow
Come on lets push for votes


Is this all the votes this fixture is getting


20 isn’t too bad.


I guess you’re right
Got so used to more towards the 30 stage
I guess 20 is as good as