Battle of the Songs: Anniversary Special (Demo Elimination)


Barring a couple of days, B.O.T.S celebrates its first birthday and to celebrate I am going to do something special for you guys

This has NO impact on The Champions League, this one is for pure fun

So this is B.O.T.S for SOME of the demos that Linkin Park have done (Please note that it will only contain a few demos and over time I will do another B.O.T.S: Demo-Lition)

As always bottom 4 eliminated until we have a top 3…

You have 5 votes

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  • Plaster (One Step Closer Demo)
  • Now I See (With You Demo)
  • Points of Authority (Forfeit The Game Chorus Demo)
  • Crawling Demo
  • Stick and Move (Runaway Demo)
  • Super Xero (By Myself Demo)
  • The Untitled (In The End Demo)
  • Esaul (Place For My Head Demo)
  • Forgotten Demo
  • Pretty Bird (Somewhere I Belong Demo
  • Faint Demo
  • Figure.09 Demo
  • Breaking The Habit (Mike Shinoda Vocal Demo)
  • Fear (Leave Out All The Rest Demo)
  • Bang Three (What I’ve Done Demo)
  • Drum Song (The Little Things Give You Away Demo)

Tag anyone I have missed


I haven’t listened to most of these in years so I won’t be voting. Also, there are a few LPU songs in the list, it’s kind of unfair since not everyone has heard them.

Pretty Birdy*


So the POA demo is it the Stop The Talk Show version?


Most of the demos are close to the real songs. I want pretty birdy to win. Also I take it the POA is “Points and authority” as opposed to “Vertical limit”


it’s the one with

Forfeit the game
before somebody else takes
you out of the frame
put your name to shame
cover up your face
you can’t run a race
the pace is too fast
you just won’t last

as the chorus as posed to

You like to think you’re never wrong chorus


Pretty Birdy maybe part of the lpu song list, i only included it because it’s an album song that has a demo

And I feel the majority of people would of by now come across it one way or another

I respect your input and value it as when the next B.O.T.S comes about I can think about stuff like that

I am considering doing a all out demo brawl, just doing this to celebrate B.O.T.S first year and to see how it fairs


Wait so stick and move is the demo of runaway? How? I like stick and my be so much more. And shouldn’t the forgotten demo be called rhinestone? Man all these memories of listening to this demos…I feel like listening to fuse


And also is a lot of these on here new and from the new lpu CDs? I’ve never heard pretty bird


Pretty Birdy is the SIB demo from LPU13


I was considering having it as Rhinestone, HOWEVER, a Forgotten demo also exists
Where Runaway doesn’t have a proper demo, just felt complied to do Stick And Mover as the Runaway Demo as this is what a lot associate it with

don’t worry @intheend I am thinking of doing a mega Demo-lition match

(see what i did there demo lition, demolition haha)


Yeah, never got lpu13. I’ve heard all and been with lpu 6 - 12 never heard anything from lpu13 - 15


13 was ok, 14 was good, some of 15 is a bit iffy


@acemasters Ok yeah, I forgot there was a forgotten and then also rhinestone…I wish I had those old mix CDs ;-;


My favorite demos didn’t make the list, dang


yeh there is alot of demos that even I enjoy that I didn’t add, but as stated this is just for fun and a test to see if an overall demo elimination match will take place

However, there will be lots of demos that don’t make the cut

Like the COUNTLESS Points of Authority demos
demos that there is two of, example The Untitled (In The End) and the In The End demo that appears on the LPU album


em, where’s Across the Line? I know, it’s not demo of any song that exist on any album, but it’s still demo at all…


This is just for fun and a test, however, i am considering a proper demo B.O.T.S in the near future

Welcome to B.O.T.S @zoe_k

Look out for future B.O.T.S and the up coming Battle Of The Songs: Champions League 2