Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Albums Final Fixture


Here it is the final fixture
Now, the top 3 is more or less decided, with the albums they face, it is most likely they will remain that way
But an epic battle for forth place has erupted with the final match in tow with 4th-6th all equal on points
Let the final match begin

Please remember as always to vote on all the matches or else your vote will not count

  • Fort Minor: The Rising Tied
  • Living Things

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  • Hybrid Theory:EP
  • Reanimation

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  • The Hunting Party
  • Recharged

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  • Minutes To Midnight
  • Road To Revolution

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  • Hybrid Theory
  • Live In Texas

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  • Dead By Sunrise: Out Of Ashes
  • A Thousand Suns

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  • Collision Course
  • Meteora

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The Table So Far

It’s Ready



It’s ready


Hmmmm this one is peaceful


Lol. I’m the only one who voted for Recharged. I just really loved “Living Things,” and, even as remixes, that album is fantastic. The Hunting Party was fine, but I just don’t enjoy listening to it like I enjoy the songs from the Living Things/Recharged albums.


Firstly bravo on the username, bit of a mouthful there :joy::joy::joy:

And secondly, each to their own, not many people enjoy recharged, but if it caters to you then thats fantastic :slight_smile:


Translation: Absolutely nobody :stuck_out_tongue:



You must vote on every match for your votes to count

I was going to close the poll

But i will extend it to give you the chance to vote on the other matches

You have 8 hrs before I close the polls

If you haven’t voted on the other matches by then your votes will not count


Lol. Thannnnnks…I’ve had this username since, like, LPU 6.0. Thanks for being so positive. :stuck_out_tongue: