Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Albums fixture 10


Here we are at fixture 10 the end is drawing closer and closer
Small Note: I had forgot to add a match to fixture 9 so will be included on this fixture!

Remember to vote on all the matches or your votes will not count

  • Living Things
  • Minutes To Midnight

0 voters

  • Fort Minor: The Rising Tied
  • Live In Texas

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  • Recharged
  • Meteora

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  • Reanimation
  • Collision Course

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  • Living Things
  • Dead By Sunrise: Out Of Ashes

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  • Hybrid Theory:EP
  • Hybrid Theory

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  • The Hunting Party
  • Minutes To Midnight

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It is ready



It’s ready


Living Things vs Minutes To Midnight was tough



I urge you to vote on all the other matches or your vote for THP vs MTM will not count


This is a good battle


@minmin another call for you to vote on the other matches


hey Ace! how long the poll open still? Maybe Iannounce the return on community feed site?:grinning:


I am thinking Friday afternoon around 4pm-ish (Standard British Time, It is now 09:30 am Thursday Morning, if that helps)

Maybe wait for the next fixture!


Hybrid theory



You need to either hand pick them in the poll or tell me all the ones your voting for

You can’t pick just for one match
The rules are absolute


maybe she can t get it? @minmin ya speak english soldier?


If @minmin posts what songs then i can include them as a vote


Time is up @minmin which means your 1 vote will not count