Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Albums Fixture 13


Well the end is near and it is all to play for
With Meteora (barely) winning against The Hunting Party making it now a two horse race between Meteora and Hybrid Theory
And guess what?!?!?
They face off against each other in this fixture
So basically the winner of that match is more or less certainly going to win the whole thing
And a draw would put HT in the driving seat for the final round as it has a far greater vote difference (+GD)
Also this is the last of the matches catch up their game in hand

Please remember to vote on all the matches or your votes will not count

  • Hybrid Theory: EP
  • Road To Revolution

0 voters

  • The Hunting Party
  • Live In Texas

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  • Minutes To Midnight
  • A Thousand Suns

0 voters

  • Hybrid Theory
  • Meteora

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  • Dead By Sunrise: Out Of Ashes
  • Collision Course

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It’s Ready



It’s ready

@nicolp96 your votes for the last round did not count as you failed to vote on every match

To ensure your votes count you must vote on EVERY MATCH