Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Albums Fixture 3


There is a poll in the next post, don’t forget to vote there too

So BOTS: BOTA is underway and man it is turning out to be a great league

Are we ready for the next round?

Please please please remember to vote on every match or your votes WILL NOT count!

Also remember due to my own mishap I won’t be posting the results but will be posting up the league table after each fixture.

  • Fort Minor: The Rising Tied
  • The Hunting Party

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  • Minutes To Midnight
  • Hybrid Theory EP

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  • Dead By Sunrise: Out Of Ashes
  • Reanimation

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  • Meteora
  • Road To Revolution

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The Blank Space is Reanimation

P.S Can’t add a poll to this post now but there is a poll underneath this post, I left one out



Due to a fault of my own this poll is void and will feature in the next fixture

  • Hybrid Theory
  • Living Things

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It’s ready


Hybrid Theorys clean sheet record has been broken and recieved it’s first vote against it


@annawe , please vote on the last match or your vote won’t count


i would like to vote like that :smile:



There is also a poll in the post under the main post

Please remember to vote



There is a poll in the post straight after the main post


Thanks! I didn’t see it!


@AJ_7 yeh I thought you might of missed it :slight_smile: happy to point it out :slight_smile:


There is a poll in the post after the main post (HT vs LT) that you need to vote on


Maybe you’ll write this above the table, cause that poll is missed quite often?)


one of the easiest one


I put a note at the top of the post

May have to just add HT vs LT to the next fixture and just close that one for now!