Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Music Videos Knockout Round 2


So the first round is over and there was a few shocks in the pipeline

Who is ready for round two?

Now I have screen shot the next rounds fixtures because it is the random generated app I am using and according to it, Leave Out The Rest has advanced straight to the Quarter Finals and therefore will not feature in this round
This is out of my control

Without further ado here is round two!

Please remember these two points:

  1. Vote for your favourite music video, not just based on which is your favourite song but what is your favourit MV, example I prefer The Final Masquerade as a song but prefer Breaking The Habit MV
  2. Please vote on every match as your votes will not count
  • Crawling
  • Waiting For The End

0 voters

  • From The Inside
  • Faint

0 voters

  • The Catalyst
  • Shadow of the Day

0 voters

  • What I’ve Done
  • Burn It Down

0 voters

  • New Divide
  • Numb

0 voters

  • The Final Masquerade
  • Breaking The Habit

0 voters

Screen shot

It’s Ready



It’s ready


Looking ahead a song from this round will advance to the Semi-Finals


BTH is one I will never vote because I hate anime.



Fair enough lol


Lol at least it’s something creative


… but it is one of the finest videos from the band!
Also, this exists: