Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Music Videos Quarter-Finals


This is where it gets serious
The Quarter-Finals is here
Now once again, a Music Video has found its way to the Semi-Finals, this is once again beyond my control and I will put up a snap shot of the song that has made it to the Semi-Finals

Now as always please vote on all matches or your votes will not count
And vote on your favorite MV based on the MV and not just because it’s your favorite song

  • Leave Out All The Rest
  • Waiting For The End

0 voters

  • From The Inside
  • The Catalyst

0 voters

  • What I’ve Done
  • Numb

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It’s Ready



It’s ready


This fixture is getting interesting

Numb has come from behind to take the lead against WID

TC and FTI seems to be going toe to toe
And WFTE and LOATR also going toe to toe

There isn’t alot in the race this could come down to 1 single vote

Also I have some exciting news to come as well


I just realised the thread says BOTA but the banner in the OP says BOTS, however isn’t this BOTMV?


@the_termin8r thank you lol
Wasnt paying attentiong


I will give this until tomorrow for the deadlocks to be broken if not…then my vote will not count and the winner will be decided that way


I really like numb it a good song


Just to point out we’re voting for nothing but the music videos, I think some people might be voting for the songs unintentionally by habit. It’s the MVs and nothing but; you might love the song but it might have a bad MV and vice versa.


Well put @the_termin8r


@the_termin8r i did not know that thanks for telling me that.
but i like the music video to numb and the song.