Battle of the Songs - Battle of the Music Videos Tournament 1st Round


B.O.T.S is back after a very short break, and here is the next one for all of you LP lovers
Battle of the Music Videos

Now, we all have a favourite LP song but some of us prefer the Music Video to a different song or maybe our favourite song doesn’t have a Music Video

For this to work we will vote on our favourite music video, and take all aspects of the video
Please don’t for a music video just simply because it’s your favourite song, but vote on the music video because you also enjoy the music video too

This is a random generated knockout tournament instead of a league

As always I will ask you to vote on every match
If you do not then your votes will not count

  • Powerless
  • Crawling

0 voters

  • Burning In The Skies
  • Waiting For The End

0 voters

  • Lost In The Echo
  • From The Inside

0 voters

  • Faint
  • Castle Of Glass

0 voters

  • The Catalyst
  • Somewhere I Belong

0 voters

  • Pts.Of.Athrty
  • Shadow Of The Day

0 voters

  • Papercut
  • What I’ve Done

0 voters

  • Iridescent
  • Burn It Down

0 voters

  • New Divide
  • Bleed It Out

0 voters

  • Numb
  • One Step Closer

0 voters

  • Until It’s Gone
  • The Final Masquerade

0 voters

  • Breaking The Habit
  • In The End

0 voters

  • Given Up
  • Leave Out All The Rest

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It’s Ready

Battle of the Songs: Post Traumatic Results, Awards and what is next?


It’s ready


BTH vs ITE… Hardest choice ever!(I know, I keep saying this every battle, lol)


I didn’t even know powerless had an MV.


@the_termin8r yeah was for the Abraham Lincoln: The Last Vampire Slayer movie

It’s pretty cool youtube it


From the inside and lost in the echo was a tough one!


I did. But wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter. Or is slayer a sequel?


Same difference lol


heeey it took me a while too, lol to find this thread… I go to vote now…
ohhh, this seems to cost me a while … :stuck_out_tongue: youtube I come, just have no idea to some of the vids :joy:


I only know of AL:VH video, but didnt knew that it would be counted as an official video.


Well why not Iridescent was a Music Video based off Transformers 3 and New Divide Transformers 2


Hmmm this is pretty slow…


Because Iridescent was directed by Joe & features LP, while ND was a song specifically recorded for T2.
But with Powerless, the video is just a compilation of movie footage with a live performance. Even the video on the official YT page of LP reads “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter feat. POWERLESS (Trailer) - Linkin Park”. So, I assumed it is not an official. Anyways, now since it is up here, we have no escape.


still watching the vids… :slight_smile:


I only see the MV for the other one.


That’s the one he meant. Also happy cake day :slight_smile: