Battle of the Songs: Champions League 3 Final Group Matches


Agreed with wait a bit more for @gatsie !


I agree too for the first choice: @gatsie ! :blush:


I say whoever got the most votes for should go through, similar to goals for in champions league


@jrtrussell they have the same amount of votes for and against (46 votes for and 30 votes against)


I say we should wait for @gatsie


Same here, we can wait for @gatsie :blush:


Ok. Then I say wait for @gatsie and if they take too long we can do a quick revote that’s only open for a little while to decide the winner (sorta like a PK shoot out)


So @gatsie will come back on forum to millions tags… :joy:


A and B sound good, sorry but we don’t need you to decide :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah lets wait for @gatsie :grinning:


I WA Gatsie…


I genuinely can’t figure out how to get subscribed to this @acemasters


You have been added to the tag list @chuckieSLAY so now you will get a tag notification to say you been tagged on x post so you will be notified each time i tag you ok :grin:


Oi @Marilau cheeky :joy::joy::joy:


@jrtrussell i was thinking a shootout had an idea how to do it too


Wohaa all these tags, I feel so loved :sweat_smile: Sorry guys, been so Busy lately. I’ll vote now. But from next week I Will be out of the country for 3 weeks. So I don’t think I can join with another voting round in That time :sweat_smile:

×× Update ××
Can’t seem to vote for c. Am I missing something?


I think the voting must have closed already


Voting has closed
@gatsie i just need you to choose between In The End and Waiting For The End


C) you make the final decision- just me sure it’s the right decision WFTE! :joy::joy:


Right @gatsie I know you is busy but I really need an answer either In The End or Waiting For The End
I’ll give ya 22hrs
If not I will proceed with plan B or plan D (plan D is a penalty shootout style that will be explained in due course)