Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group A and B Results and Tables


Group A Results

Group A Table

Group B Results

Group B Table


Tag anyone I missed

Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group C

And here I thought AFN would do well :confused:


I didn’t expect Rebellion to do so well against such a tough group
Then again Group B didn’t pan out the way I thought either


Woah, didn’t really see this coming with Group B.


me too, nevertheless democratic…hi @YoMarques
and @acemasters,


Hello, my friend :grinning:


hi how is it going?


I’m okay, thank you. How are you? :slight_smile:


got a free from work day today, so nothing to bother…:sunny:
you go see a show next time?


Enjoy it!
Hopefully, I will! :grin:


good luck, :stars: [hopefully we see the guys this year with the new album…]


Yes, I hope so too :slight_smile:


FTI tops a group, while WID is out.


I wasn’t expecting WID to go out
I actually predicted it top the Group