Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group A


All the leagues have led to this moment, here it is, the one you have all been waiting for
Battle of the Songs: Champions league has begun

As always I ask ALL VOTERS to VOTE ON EVERY MATCH please to make it fair and even

Group A
Fixture 1

[Poll name=match1]

  • And One
  • Figure.09

[Poll name=match2]

  • Rebellion
  • What I’ve Done

Fixture 2

[Poll name=match3]

  • And One
  • Rebellion

[Poll name=match4]

  • What I’ve Done
  • Figure.09

Fixture 3

[Poll name=match5]

  • And One
  • What I’ve Done

[Poll name=match6]

  • Figure.09
  • Rebellion


Tag anyone I missed


Gonna see if this tag work

come along and vote
make the champions league epic


I know What I’ve Done!


Done! :slight_smile: And I can’t not vote for What I’ve done as the best of this group :wink:


Must admit
That made me chuckle a little :joy::wink::joy::joy:


Easy <asdfghjkl


Just in case anyone else missed it group B is also running


*At the same time


I new that I´ll have trouble with that :confounded:


Easy one for me :slight_smile:


The groups are slowly taking shape


take the opportunity to enjoy these 4 beauties one by one by one and one vs figure.09 is my toughest descision :sunglasses:


What i’ve done is the best choice here. Imho


this is the reason, we wanne see what´s mainstream…hi @Marcial


Polls to close in 15hrs?!? Maybe?!?


Or maybe not
Haven’t decided but will inform what happens by tomorrow morning


Polls to close in 12hrs


I am extending the polls and now closes in 15hrs from this post


Now only 12hrs left