Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group B Elimination


So group A is over and the top 4 are:
The Catalyst 1st
Faint 2nd
Somewhere I Belong 3rd
Waiting For The End 4th
Here is group B remember you must vote for 4 songs

  • Lost In The Echo
  • In The End
  • Numb
  • Papercut
  • In My Remains
  • Where’d You Go
  • A Line In The Sand
  • Slip Out The Back
  • Burning In The Skies
  • Castle Of Glass

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Tag anyone I have missed


That was tougher than Group A :cry: The toughest one to drop was BITS…


There is two battles

Battle 1 is for 2nd and 3rd
And battle 4 is that all important 4th place


The group becomes tougher and tougher every time . I’m afraid to see what goes next!)


This is getting exciting as the top 2 is still neck and neck
3rd and 4th are neck and neck this is going to come down to the wire


They’re all in pairs.


Shame LITE was top all this time and foiled by ITE towards the end of the match
There is still time to vote for your favourite


the poll is not letting me vote:confused:


Hmmmm very unusual @annejprado

Are you still having problems?


I am going to give this another 6hrs and then polls close


the voting is not there anymore oh well maybe next time thanks though


Group C is up


okay kool…