Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group C Elimination


So group B is done and the top 4 are:
In The End 1st
Lost In The Echo 2nd
Numb 3rd
A Line In The Sand 4th
Here is group C remember you must vote for 4 songs

  • Walking In Circles
  • Rebellion
  • And One
  • Krwlng
  • Crawl Back In
  • When They Come For Me
  • Too Late
  • All For Nothing
  • One Step Closer

0 voters


Tag anyone I have missed


This was easy. OSC will be top.


Yeh this group is pretty straight forward i can see OSC getting 100%


Well, that was too easy :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorite is already out :disappointed:
This one was easy though!


Someone F-ed up and didn’t vote for OSC.

Edit: Was too angry to see OSC at 80% that I forgot to show my shock. LITE is 2nd? Also, I knew IMR was going to go out by the time I voted for it, but still…




Is this a call for him, or is this the answer to my statement? Tell me mate, tell me :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no clue who didn’t vote for OSC just tagged the person as they missed group B


Too bad to see that Crawl Back In is out :pensive:


you just saved his azz :hammer:


Group c will end tomorrow afternoon/evening