Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group C Tie-Breaker


So Group C isn’t over yet as the top 2 Rebellion and One Step Closer must go head to head to see who will claim the top spot

3rd place is When They Come For Me
All For Nothing takes 4th place

One vote per person, make it count this is for top spot

  • Rebellion
  • One Step Closer

0 voters


Tag anyone I have missed


There is only one vote in this and it seems to be swaying in Rebellions favour

In case of a tie breaker again i will not include my vote to break it


have to vote and post, please tell me which polls are still open ( was kinda afk four days… update me please @acemasters) still remember how we meet, both not knowing who we are… was fun



The groups are a day longish

Group D will happen tomorrow

Knockouts i am thinking 2 days each


I hate you -.-
How the hell am I supposed to choose from a classic and a newly cool song?