Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group E


We are now half way through the group stages, you can find the results of Group C and D here: Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group C and D: Results and Tables
Let Group E begin with Group F following shortly
Polls will close Saturday Morning BST
As always I ask ALL VOTERS TO VOTE ON EVERY MATCH please, to make the fight even and fair

Group E
Fixture 1

[Poll name=match1]

  • Given Up
  • The Final Masquerade

[Poll name=match2]

  • Castle Of Glass
  • Numb

Fixture 2

[Poll name=match3]

  • Given Up
  • Castle Of Glass

[Poll name=match4]

  • Numb
  • The Final Masquerade

Fixture 3

[Poll name=match5]

  • Given Up
  • Numb

[Poll name=match6]

  • The Final Masquerade
  • Castle Of Glass


Tag anyone I missed


Numb will steamroll everything in sight


Numb vs Final Masquerade was a tough one


Yeah, I agree, that was a tough choice
This is the group of death because all 4 songs are strong and all have a good chance of advancing


The whole group is really tough)


I agree. Toughest group!


Yay, this one was relativ easy :sweat_smile:


extremely tough round for me too :anguished:


COG vs FM was the toughest one for me.


Considered To fix 5 this is :sleeping:


The group of death is coming along


As it stands

TFM is top on vote difference
Numb in 2nd equal on points
CoG 3rd
GU 4th with no points (which is shocking)


Put GU out of its misery.
I have lost all my faith in BotS post OSC’s exit and seeing GU in the same trending. Sad day!


Yh I didn’t think OSC would go out
Was very shocked


Day one is done
Good night world


How are we doing my fellow B.O.T.S fans