Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group F


We are now half way through the group stages, you can find the results of Group C and D here: Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group C and D: Results and Tables
Group E is already underway here is Group F as well
Polls will close Saturday Morning BST
As always I ask ALL VOTERS TO VOTE ON EVERY MATCH please, to make the fight even and fair

Group F
Fixture 1

  • A Line In The Sand
  • Papercut

0 voters

  • Powerless
  • Waiting For The End

0 voters

Fixture 2

  • A Line In The Sand
  • Powerless

0 voters

  • Waiting For The End
  • Papercut

0 voters

Fixture 3

  • A Line In The Sand
  • Waiting For The End

0 voters

  • Papercut
  • Powerless

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Tag anyone I missed


I’m expecting big things from WFTE


This group was tough for me!


I can see the two Ps going through


The hardest group


All my love goes to A line in the sand :smiley:


And again tough round :grimacing:


And here it is, the moment I dreaded, my two favorite LP songs (besides Rebellion) facing off: ALITS vs Papercut :scream::sweat::anguished:


:zap:️ONLY One vote for papercut :dizzy_face::astonished: from myside ( feel ashame Butt) who put this three together (hymnes all three imo powerless gets no goal ) :scream::scream::mask::sunglasses:


The random Generator put them together but I allowed it to happen hahaha


yes, a BIG defeat.


Haha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Papercut seems to be heading to 1st place in the group


Fixture 2
WFTE vs Papercut





Need to remember tails
Someone whom forgot to vote went back to vote…so need to discount the vote unless it becomes uneven again

Unless you vote on the all the other matches @the_termin8r


Goodnight world
Day one complete


So do you want me to vote on everything else?


Nah, I will just minus a vote on Papercut

have a nice day, gents…lol :relaxed::fire: :sunglasses:


Top notch buddy