Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group G and H results and tables and other information


The group stages are over and here are the final two groups results and tables

Group G Results

Group G Table

Group H Results

Group H Table

This what my prediction was for the group stages
Key: X = Wrong
(DNQ) = Did Not Qualify

Group A
Figure.09 X (Come 2nd instead)
What I’ve Done X (DNQ)

Group B
Leave Out All The Rest X (DNQ)
From The Inside X (Come 1st instead)

Group C
One Step Closer X (DNQ)
Faint X (Come 1st instead)

Group D
In The End / (Got It Right)
Breaking The Habit / (Got It Right)

Group E
Numb / (Got It Right)
Given Up X (DNQ)

Group F
A Line In The Sand X (DNQ)
Papercut X (Come 1st Instead)

Group G
The Little Things Give You Away X (DNQ)
With You X (Come 1st Instead)

Group H
A Place For My Head X (Come 2nd Instead)
High Voltage X (DNQ)

And here is how the songs will be matched

Last 16
Winner of Group A vs Runner-Up Group H (match1)
Winner of Group B vs Runner-Up Group G (match2)
Winner of Group C vs Runner-Up Group F (match3)
Winner of Group D vs Runner-Up Group E (match4)
Winner of Group E vs Runner-Up Group D (match5)
Winner of Group F vs Runner-Up Group C (match6)
Winner of Group G vs Runner-Up Group B (match7)
Winner of Group H vs Runner-Up Group A (match8)

Match 1 vs Match 5 (Match A)
Match 2 vs Match 6 (Match B)
Match 3 vs Match 7 (Match C)
Match 4 vs Match 8 (Match D)

Match A vs Match C (Match SF1)
Match B vs Match D (Match SF2)

3rd Place Play-Off
Loser Match SF1 vs Loser Match SF2

Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2


Tag anyone I missed


I can’t get over WY beating SIB, WY is an awesome song, but SIB is right at the top.


It’s already up


Yeah, I got the notification as I posted it :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy with the last 4 that went through. Amazing setup once again, @acemasters :slight_smile:


OMG omg omg omg it is getting serious, we are on the :upside_down: countdown


For me, a great game has come to an abrupt end. It’s difficult for me to find Fig09 in top16 and not have What I’ve Done (even if I forgo OSC for the sake of being non-biased). And even there, my favorites are losing.
The End is Nigh.