Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group G


We are coming to the end of the Champions League Group Stage and there have been many upsets, like One Step Closer and Given Up both been eliminated
This is B.O.T.S and anything can happen

Can all voters VOTE ON EVERY MATCH to make it fair and even

Group G
Fixture 1

  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • With You

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  • When They Come For Me
  • Somewhere I Belong

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Fixture 2

  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • When The Come For Me

0 voters

  • Somewhere I Belong
  • With You

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Fixture 3

  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • Somewhere I Belong

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  • With You
  • When They Come For Me

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Tag anyone I missed


What an evil group. This is probably the first time I’ve struggled with bots without resorting to H&T


I love Sib. but the others I love Even MORE :broken_heart::heart:️:broken_heart::heart:️:broken_heart::heart:️:ribbon:

Sad Blog will follow After drying floads of tears :sob::sob::sob::sob::joy::scream::rage::triumph::cold_sweat::tired_face::persevere::grin::no_mouth:


Wished it showed me who votes so I could name and shame those whom don’t vote evenly :angry::angry::angry::angry:


Why not make it so? Just click the cog on the reply HUD, make a poll and set the stuff there.

  • Like this

  • So you can see who voted

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Seemed To be me ! The shock Buddie the shock ( seemed it didn’t tagged it on this mobile Shit here sry Dude! :blush:)


With You vs Somewhere I belong . And I thought that I’ve seen everything))


Yeh i need to that so I can name and shame have it for knock-outs


How have you been making them up until now @acemasters ?


What do you mean?


How have you been making the polls if not using the cog (which is relatively new)?


I’ve got a template of the multi-poll and just used that


This whole group is insane :cold_sweat:


Oh wait until the Knock-Outs


Expecting a big win for With You here. That would be some consolation for me.


You may get your wish and With You may actually top the group at this rate


This was the toughest group for me and for a weird reason: because, although I like each song in here, there’s not one I can say I love… maybe the one that gets closer to me loving it is The little things give you away but it’s not quite there :smiley:


With You vs SIB was the only hard choice


Man can’t wait for knock-outs
Day one done
Ready day two


How is SIB losing to WY?