Battle of the Songs: Champions League Last 16


Time has finally arrived, the Group Stages is over and now it’s time for the knock-outs who will go on and who wall fall you decide

Last 16

  • Rebellion THP
  • A Place For My Head HT

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  • From The Inside M
  • Somewhere I Belong M

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  • Faint M
  • Waiting For The End ATS

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  • In The End HT
  • The Final Masquerade THP

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  • Numb M
  • Breaking The Habit M

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  • Papercut HT
  • Lost In The Echo LT

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  • With You HT
  • In My Remains LT

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  • The Catalyst ATS
  • Figure.09 M

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Tag anyone I missed


@acemasters how come we can’t see who voted?


Not gonna use it for the knock-outs not too stressed about uneven voting for the knock-outs
But will be useful for the next B.O.T.S


I think I might be having second thoughts about F v WFTE


There is a lot of matches that I am like erm, erm, erm, mine may change as my mood changes :cry::cry::cry::cry:


I accidentally voted for somewhere I belong. But I actually meant to vote for From the inside!!! What do I DO!!!




Click hide results and it will bring up the selection and then reselect your choice


Thank you :slight_smile:


Rebellion, Waiting For The End and Final Masquerade are loosing…


Almost all my favorites are losing :joy: But all of this was pretty tough.




Biggest shock so far is Numb vs BTH
The last time the two met during B.O.T.S: Meteora League
Numb won
Could BTH be extracting it’s revenge


Oh Ace, god damn you cs of Faint vs WFTE :cold_sweat:
anyways, duties are done…:upside_down:


Same here! And that’s sad. So very very sad.


What be this black magic?! How is IMR beating With you? :rage:


This knock-out is heating up with a few leap frogged songs this is all to play for in day two
With that good night world


I should mention
In case of a draw, it will be down to me to remember which song was winning before the tie/draw happened

For example

The Catalyst was winning before the draw happened, therefore if it remains a draw The Catalyst would win by default


I could do a penalty shoot-out with heads and tails
Each song will get 5 attempts heads being a goal and tails being a miss
If after 5 attempts it would be sudden death, the first to get a heads and the other to get a tails wins

What do you think?


Tag anyone I missed


The H&T approach sounds better.