Battle of the Songs: Champions League Semi-Finals


The finals are drawing closer and closer
One thing is certain is that a Hybrid Theory Song WILL make it there
Without further delay, here it is!


  • Numb
  • In My Remains

0 voters

  • Papercut
  • In The End

0 voters


Tag anyone I missed


Didn’t think IMR would get this far.


Papercut vs In the End was tough for me

still worrying me :angry:


IMR is the outsider that is upsetting the odds

And so far
It is giving Numb a run for its money as it sticks to it like glue


You should’ve let @The_early_walker vote at that time so that this madness won’t happen. (And at that time you changed your votes to upset the balance?)


Numb and ITE are no surprises, definitely. I would like Papercut to win though, since it’s my favorite.


I think I never saw this kind of situation: right at this time, with 12 voters, there’s a 50% shoulder to shoulder for both matches :open_mouth:


I’m sure that the final will be Numb vs. In the End


Sugar plum fairy

That is all!


I changed my mind according to my mood
At the time i was in more of a
’Now in my…remains…" kinda mood
I was singing it all yesterday

Battle of the Songs: Reanimation League Fixture 4

We seem to be stuck at 15
If it remains like this for a few more hours then I will declare the winners and move onto Third Place Play-Off and The Finals