Battle of the Songs: Champions League Top 4 Finishers and Awards


Well it is over
Here it is your top 4

In 4th Place: In My Remains, Awarded the Outsider Award for doing so well and getting to the Semi-Finals
Bronze (3rd Place): Papercut, Awarded the Most Likely Award for being the most likely to go far in the Champions League
Silver (2nd Place) Numb, Awarded The Unbeaten Award for not losing a single match until the final (17 matches unbeaten, 17 wins in a row)

And The Champion of the Champions League

In The End, Awarded The Champions League Award

Look out for a Bonus Group that I am calling
Champions of Champions League
Where the winner of each league, including the Fort Minor League that is to take place after this
And the Reanimation League that will also will take place at some point

Thank you all for all the support during the B.O.T.S: Leagues
And for voting
It is to you all that it was a massive hit and will spur me to do more B.O.T.S and I may even do another Champions League but taking all the 5th and 6th placed songs and adding from Reanimation and FM:TRT and not forgetting DBS:OOA

Quick question
Did you enjoy the B.O.T.S: Leagues?

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Tag anyone I missed


That was really cool, thank you))


That was awesome! Loved every bit of the game! Thank you!


Loved it :slight_smile: And I honestly didn’t expect these results. I don’t know why but I thought that more songs that have not been a single release would’ve gained the finals although maybe “In the end” had to be expected: it’s probably for many here the reason we began listening to LP :slight_smile:


In The End was my first but Numb become my fav very quickly