Battle of the Songs: Champions of Champions Match 2


Match 1 is complete, 5 teams won and 5 teams lost
I should mention that there is no top 4 in this one
This a winner takes all whoever tops the league is the Champion.
Shall we proceed to match 2

Please vote on every match or you run the risk of your vote not counting

  • P5hng Me A*wy
  • Numb

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  • Lost In The Echo
  • In The End

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  • Walking In Circles
  • Leave Out All The Rest

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  • Waiting For The End
  • Remember The Name

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  • Rebellion
  • High Voltage

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Tag anyone I missed

Results match 1

Table so far


Couple of these was easy for me
The other 3 matches not so




That was me
I like both songs
Just ITE edges it just because that is what get me into LP


So day one done

What will day two bring

Rebellion is the one to beat at the moment


voted and posted


@julianforcado you need to vote on the last match (High Voltage vs Rebellion) or none of your votes will count

You have 9hrs to comply