Battle of the Songs: Champions Of Champions Match 3


So match 2 was a huge hit
However, someone failed to vote on all the matches so the results will reflect on that

Please vote on ALL the matches or your vote will not count

  • P5hng Me A*wy
  • Lost In The Echo

0 voters

  • Walking In Circles
  • Numb

0 voters

  • Waiting For The End
  • In The End

0 voters

  • High Voltage
  • Leave Out All The Rest

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  • Rebellion
  • Remember The Name

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Tag anyone I missed

Match 2 Results

Table so far


hey @Acemasters, yo, agrre, watta ya do halloween??? plans?


On my way home now
Just gonna clean the house and chill


yes sounds like a good plan! Maybe you like to join the halloween meet on plug?Would be very nice,:stuck_out_tongue:
…about the blog post me…


Hey, I know it’s tomorrow, but when exactly?)


Sunday normal meet, Monday is tthe halloween meet both1800bst

and this


PMA vs LITE is going toe to toe here


Numb has smashed baconed the s**t out of WIC

And looks like Rebellion has done the same to RTN


so join rebellion


Going to close this
Next poll tomorrow people