Battle of the Songs: Champions of Champions Match 6


So we are now half way and it is close between the top 4 as the chase for 1st heats up, only 3 points is between the top 4 with the top 2 winning all 5 of their matches, but that is about to change as the top two go head to head in this match, the winner of this match could determine the winner of B.O.T.S: CoC

Remember to vote on every match or your vote will not count

  • P5hng Me A*wy
  • High Voltage

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  • Rebellion
  • Waiting For The End

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  • Remember The Name
  • Walking In Circles

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  • Leave Out All The Rest
  • Lost In The Echo

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  • In The End
  • Numb

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Tag anyone I missed

Match 5 Results

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You can stop tagging me, I haven’t voted in ages.


Yeah for sure
My apologies


wfte vs rebellion? numb vs ite? :skull:



LOATR vs LITE :scream: I might change my mind meanwhile…


Wow 21 votes…and all in 1 day…

Thank you all :grinning:


I wonder that ite lost vs numb… :upside_down:



You haven’t voted in the first match P5hng Me A*wy vs High Voltage

I am keeping the poll open for a further 24hrs

If you do not vote on the first match the other 5 votes will not count

I need to keep it fair and even so all the matches have the same amount of votes meaning no song has a unfait advantage

I hope you understand why this rule is in place and urge you to vote on the first match