Battle of the Songs: Champions of Champions Match 7


So we are coming to the climax of this league and now only one song remains unbeaten and is 3 points clear with (including this match) only 3 fixtures left

Just to let you know for fixture 6 only 24 votes was counted as someone didn’t vote on all matches

You must vote on every match for your votes to count as this makes it fair and even

  • P5hng Me A*wy
  • Rebellion

0 voters

  • Remember The Name
  • High Voltage

0 voters

  • Leave Out All The Rest
  • Waiting For The End

0 voters

  • In The End
  • Walking In Circles

0 voters

  • Numb
  • Lost In The Echo

0 voters


Tag anyone I missed

Match 6 Results

Table so far


CLIMAX ALWAYS GREAT MAN :stuck_out_tongue:

the blogpost will come to a climax maybe too? lol :joy:



@melanie983 your votes was the votes that did not count as you failed to vote on all matches
I urge you to next time vote on all matches thank you


Sorry man - not been on in a couple of days. Voted :smile:


Numb seems to be the song to beat at the moment


Although that is the case

Numb has the hardest of runs towards the end facing Waiting For The End and Rebellion in it’s final 2 matches

In The End has High Voltage and Remember The Name

Waiting For The End obviously has Numb and has Walking In Circles

With only 6 Points left after this match and only a 3 point gap between the top 3 this is still very much all to play for

However if Numb does beat WFT in the next match it is very likely it will win on Vote Difference even if it loses the final match


sooo, I hope we get at least 25-30 votes on the CLIMAX ,p


You need to vote on match 2 or none of your votes will count

You have 15hrs before polls close


You have 15 hours to comply, failure to do so will result in immediate termination.


Match 8 will go up tomorrow