Battle of the Songs: Champions of Champions Match 8


Numb is slowly strolling to the Ultiment Champion with only 2 matches left (including this one) and only 6 points between the top 3 this could go to the final match

Remember that you must vote on every match or your vote/s will not count

  • P5hng Me A*wy
  • Remember The Name

0 voters

  • Leave Out All The Rest
  • Rebellion

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  • In The End
  • High Voltage

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  • Numb
  • Waiting For The End

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  • Lost In The Echo
  • Walking In Circles

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Match 7 Results

Table so far




@raz7 you failed to vote on all the matches in match 7 therefore your votes did not count


Remember there is only 1 more match left


Omg :pensive: I forgot the Blog… Comes today let the Match Open for another 24 hrs Minimum ok?! I am about! :grinning:



I will leave for a while see what happens :slight_smile:


so far nothing :stuck_out_tongue:


give us the last one Ace… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @acemasters < 3 icecream… lol :joy: