Battle of the Songs: Chester Special Round 8



Not long now before the final match
But there is one match before it

This B.O.T.S this won’t focus on a song as a whole, but on certain moments of the song, more precise moments that Chester was singing

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • COME ON! Scream in Wth>You

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  • You, tried to take the best of me, GO AWAY!
  • NO! HEAR ME OUT NOW section in Faint

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  • Chesters sootheness in My December
  • Numb Chorus

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  • I DO! Scream in One More Light Live
  • 18 seconds scream in Given Up

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  • Chesters Rap in Sorry for Now
  • Beginning of Keys to the Kingdom

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Round 7 Results

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It’s Ready


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OML vs 18 secs. I know this day would come soon :confused: that was really hard!


@acemaster, what do you mean read 1st post?


Means the 1st post lol

Basically when click the notification that says you been tagged, it takes you to that precise post

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Chester’s rap doesn’t go so well… :woman_shrugging:


Not suprising to me, I think it’s one of his weakest moments on any album. The idea is great, but the execution isn’t


Well… we’re used to Mike’s rap that is great! So agreed


Well, faint vs. APFMH was very hard :confounded::sweat:


Looks like Chester’s best screaming moments took over the top spots, not surprising.


Love the voice and double love the screams :sunglasses::star_struck::yum: