Battle of the Songs: Dead By Sunrise - Out Of Ashes Elimination Match 2


Here is the final B.O.T.S before the next (new) Champions League
As always it’s the top 4 in the final match will proceed to the Champions League
The bottom 3 in every match will be eliminated

Only 3 votes this time…Bottom 3 last match was:
Give Me Your Name
My Suffering

  • Fire
  • Crawl Back In
  • Too Late
  • Inside Of Me
  • Let Down
  • Into You
  • End Of The World
  • Walking In Circles
  • In Darkness

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Damn, Condemned has already been condemned :stuck_out_tongue:

At least it simplifies my 3 votes.


Soon it will be End of the BotS for End of the World. Also, Let Down has let down.
After a long time, my top 3 are aligned with LPUs top3. Good job :slight_smile:


Did the FM league finish? I’ve lost track what with this one, the FM one and the Reanimation one.


Me was first :sunglasses:


I was always a fan of fire and into you. I like walking in circles as well and the same with crawl back in


How is in the darkness doing so badly?


yeah both FM: TRT and Reanimation elimination matches are done and I have a top 4 for both

And good news people, by the time this is done and the next champions league pops round I should have my new phone and will restore the Original format


So when does a top 1 come out? Or will there not be one?

Idk about everyone else but I prefer this format more.


I will be releasing the top 4 information of those two and this one once the final elimination match of DBS: OOA is over and have the top 4 for it as well

In terms of this format it works for something short and sweet

maybe a max of about 15 songs, but because Champions League has ALOT of songs not sure if this formate will work
But will see, may mix the two formats together and see