Battle of the Songs: Demo Elimination Special Final Match


Damn I missed the B.O.T.S sign haha

B.O.T.S celebrates its first birthday and to celebrate I am going to do something special for you guys

This has NO impact on The Champions League, this one is for pure fun

So this is B.O.T.S for SOME of the demos that Linkin Park have done (Please note that it will only contain a few demos and over time I will do another B.O.T.S: Demo-Lition)

This match Top 3 will be victorious

The Bottom 3 from match 3:
Breaking The Habit (mike version)
Stick and move

You have 3 votes

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Tag anyone I have missed


olalala starcream sunshiny day ( :joy:) me first,and btw: my membership is back, feel like a newborn now, the next round will be posted with a Starscream. lol


The top 3 are neck and neck…if it stays this way there will be a three way face-off


My older twin is winning :sunglasses:


The final result is

1st Place Fear (Leave Out All The Rest Demo)
2nd Place Esaul (A Place For My Head Demo)
3rd Place Untitled (In The End Demo)


Tag anyone I have missed


Why wasn’t your elder twin named? Or is



That headline should be changed to:

“He who is a massive idiot and didn’t think to turn planet Earth into a horcrux returns” :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, my 3 favorites :slight_smile:


Fear was the only one from my original votes :confused:


I don’t know ask Linkin Park, they named us…