Battle of the Songs: Demo Elimination Special Match 1 Tie Breaker


So we have a four way tie for the other 3 elimination spots

As it stands: Bang Three (What I’ve Done Demo) has been eliminated in last place with 0 votes

Tie-breaker rules

One Vote, the one with most votes will NOT be eliminated and the bottom 3 will join Bang Three

  • Plaster (One Step Closer)
  • Super Xero (By Myself)
  • Breaking The Habit (Mike Vocals)
  • Now I See (With You)

0 voters


Tag anyone I have missed


What the!!! There is a breaking the habit version out there with Mike singing? D;


Yes, it’s from LPU 14. I never want to hear it again. It just makes me cringe, Mike’s vocals are so bad on it.


Don’t you speak about Mshinoda like that.


So you’re saying his singing in that was top notch? I am not blinded by the dark veil of fanboy naivety.


I’m saying respect the Shinoda. And if you listen to his voice of course he was halfassing it. I’m pretty sure he was just doing the song to see if the words would match, everyone does it. That voice he used was to test it.



You think I don’t know that? I was referring to only that 1 song in the last post. You somehow interpreted it as me calling Mike talentless or something along those lines.


Noooo, I just said respect the Shinoda, you’re looking too much into :3

It’s ok robot, I get it. You were made to look I between the line. To be too smart for your own good, put this is me, no evilness are in my words here :3


If the votes stays like this I will change my vote to break the tie break to my second choice