Battle of the Songs: Demo Special Elimination match 2


Barring a couple of days, B.O.T.S celebrates its first birthday and to celebrate I am going to do something special for you guys

This has NO impact on The Champions League, this one is for pure fun

So this is B.O.T.S for SOME of the demos that Linkin Park have done (Please note that it will only contain a few demos and over time I will do another B.O.T.S: Demo-Lition)

As always bottom 4 eliminated until we have a top 3…

The Bottom 4 from match 1:
Bang Three (What I’ve Done Demo)
Now I See (With You Demo)
Plaster (One Step Closer Demo)
Super Xero (By Myself Demo)

Breaking The Habit (Mike Shinoda Demo) Dodged a bullet but can it survive another round

You have 4 votes

[poll type=multiple min=4 max=4 name=multiple]

Tag anyone I have missed


I see Plaster is out. Everybody who voted against it, please stand up!


You’ve mistaken a bit, 4, not 5 votes )


Edited, thanks :slight_smile:


You know now that I think about it…if being fair. Gummy bear said that it is in a post that, they try to keep he threads clean. These battles have a lot of posts building up. Is there away to recycle a thread and make more polls in one post so we won’t have too many of them?


don t compare apples and cherries… (now that I just liked her post :wink: )


(snaps @theearlywalker’s neck)

No seriously


ok… but this is just a new idea then, not a question of being fair or unfair, right?


No offense to @acemasters and his pollies but if you look he has 29 of them D; I thought of this before and it didn’t hit until this pops up. What if that new bean brings this up? After all she did have a little hissy fit about the polls she made. And now we have two probably ready threads that are just there. (I just realized that there and three are all the same letters)


was a fast bean… you’ll see in a few hours the polls are down under…but what imo is to consider mabe the possibility to delete threads if they lost their duty… on another note: enjoyed the seriou bunny tonight… =) ( gives cookies to the meme of HT) and for this good in the bad I thank the bean… alright alarmclocks kicking me out of bed… 4:30h I must be mad… ;(


when or if an official has a problem with the way I do the polls then i will answer to them on WHY i do it the way I do it


Stick and Move, Figure.09 Demo, BtH with Mike’s vocal and Fear are still my votes