Battle of the Songs: Demo Special Elimination match 3


B.O.T.S celebrates its first birthday and to celebrate I am going to do something special for you guys

This has NO impact on The Champions League, this one is for pure fun

So this is B.O.T.S for SOME of the demos that Linkin Park have done (Please note that it will only contain a few demos and over time I will do another B.O.T.S: Demo-Lition)

This match bottom 3 will be eliminated and the top 5 will battle it out for top 3 in the final match

The Bottom 4 from match 1:
Forgotten Demo
Drum Song
Pretty Birdy

You have 3 votes

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Tag anyone I have missed



@amitrish that is awesome thank you :grin:


3 songs are battling for the final elimination spot


hey man, party… if scarscream, scarcream or STARSCREAM joins the league?