Battle of the Songs FINALS


It has been a long road but the finals are finally here
Who will be crowned Champion of B.O.T.S


  • One Step Closer
  • Faint
  • Points Of Authority
    This poll will close 4pm BMT on Wednesday

Let the final fight commence

Need your help again buddy to bring in the votes
Make the finals an epic one


Wow, I just saw somebody place a vote, who was it? POA jumped one just now.


It was me, I’m a ninja.




For the love of LP, if OSC doesn’t win this I will not come back to the forums.

Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League Fixture 10

The fight is on
3 votes in
All tied at the moment
This is gonna be epic


OSC takes an early lead


Still a close race


I just realized. When did In then end get killed and by what?


If Numb (or even high voltage for that matter) was here, I don’t think OSC would survive.



Give me a second and I will go back through the post to see when it crashed out


In The End was sent packing when Faint topped the second group stage in round 2 match 2
It tied 2nd place with A Line In The Sand


Oh snap. I know Faint is an epic song (I voted it here) but for it to take out In the end is quite something.


Yh I defently pegged ITE to win that group


Numb is missing from this group! But Faint will carry it on!


I’m not surprised at all these songs made it to the finals. Some of us may have voted for the lesser known songs in the previous polls but these always end up winning since they’re everyones favorites. It’ll surprise me if OSC or Faint don’t win this.


Do my very best! Epic things NEED my speciality… :sunglasses: must think about which I´m voting for …DIDN´T VOTE RIGHT NOW:::blush:


OSC still in the lead
Faint is hot on its heels
With P.O.A close behind Faint


@intheend sure sent everyone fleeing; look what happened to @Gatsie


Then it would have been a good fight, with In the End or Numb probably even winning the contest. But I fail to see a contest where POA beats Faint or OSC as the greatest LP song. (I dont mean to offend the 4 people who have voted for POA)
I am happy to see Faint in the finals, but OSC is special. First LP single. It introduced LP to us, and made everyone else SHUT UP!!!