Battle of the Songs: Fort Minor - The Rising Tied League Fixture 9


The League is taking shape, hitting the half way point
Remember The Name is holding strong being the only unbeaten song so far, winning 8 for 8
But Red To Black is hot on it’s tail in 2nd only 3 points between them

Remember to vote on every match or your vote will not count

Match 1

  • Believe Me
  • Cigarettes

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Match 2

  • Feel Like Home
  • Get Me Gone

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Match 3

  • Where’d You Go
  • Slip Out The Back

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Match 4

  • Remember The Name
  • Be Somebody

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Match 5

  • Back Home
  • Right Now

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Match 6

  • Red To Black
  • In Stereo

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Match 7

  • Kenji
  • The Hard Way

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Match 8

  • High Road
  • There They Go

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Match 9

  • The Battle
  • Petrified

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Tag anyone I missed

Fixture 8 Results

Table so far


Well, someone didn’t vote on the last one.


How ironic :laughing:


What you talking about? :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re the one who hadn’t voted.


Kenji vs The Hard Way was the toughest one.


That went over your head…


Sarcasm doesn’t translate well in text :confused: I suspected it but wasn’t sure.


I don’t like the new voting format of circle and dot.


What’s irritating is that the result bars don’t correspond to the option you clicked because they get arranged in descending order in terms of vote %.


Yup it doesn’t.


I don’t like it much either


Did you change it to this?



I’'m using the same format I used from the beginning


Probably not, it most likely a forum update from the provider.


Yup, why fix something that ain’t broken?


I agree
guess we stuck with if


Just voted…:joy::joy:


Would be cool if the boys at Linkin Park took part eh? Haha