Battle Of The Songs Group B


Due to a tie in group A I had to name a winner and 2nd place
Since 1 song reached the amount of votes first therefore Lost In The Echo wins and Keys To The Kingdom 2nd place
Time for group B


  • One Step Closer
  • Somewhere I Belong
  • Leave Out All The Rest
  • When They Come For Me
  • In My Remains
  • All For Nothing


In a event of a draw I will cast my vote last to decide a winner or to break a tie break


Boo, I love all of these songs. This poll is an evil one.


This is going to be hard ;-;


I couldn’t vote twice D;



Yh i dont know how to do multiple votes lol


Can’t believe I had to chose between OSC, SIB and AFN on this one.


Looks like S.I.B is set to win
But looks like we have a tie for 2nd place at the moment
But I am still to vote
So if you want to save you fave tell your friends get people involved with Battle of the Songs


why I’m the first one to vote leave out allthe rest? great song, isn’t it?


It is a a great song but so are the other songs in the group

And with that vote
L.O.A.T.R joins the tie for 2nd place
Now a 3 way tie is on with me still to cast my vote


All these songs are great, however, out of them all. My favorites are somewhere I belong, in my reminds, and all for nothing.


Voting will close Monday (British Summer Time)


ok one vote, than next round next vote?