Battle Of The Songs Group E


4 groups down, as it stands it’s shaping up like this
Group A: W: Lost In The Echo, RU: Keys To The Kingdom
Group B: W: Somewhere I Belong, RU: One Step Closer
Group C: W: With You, RU: Lying From You
Group D: W: Points Of Authority, RU: Waiting For The End

HT have back to back victories in the group stages and ATS has it’s first song into the next round
Let Group E commence


  • Crawling
  • Easier To Run
  • What I’ve Done
  • Blackout
  • I’ll Be Gone
  • Wastelands

This is gonna be a tough group


How has Crawling not got a single vote yet

Remember I only use my vote to break a tie break


Not for me :3 I easily picked my vote


How is Blackout doing so well
Out of them all it’s gotta be my least fav song
And my least fav song on the album


I like it because it’s quite underrated. and it’s the only song that stands out from the list.


Looks like we have a tie at the moment
with Crawling and the surprise song Blackout
As we enter the next day


I honestly thought Wastelands and I’ll Be Gone would be the winners here.


@EvoOba Oldies are goodies…


Holy shit
3 way tie
Someone break the dead lock lol


Sorry I already voted.


Can always change it lol


No way, Crawling must win or at least runner up.
Holy shit 4 way tie.


Make that 5 way. Quick, somebody vote for Wastelands so we can get the full 6. :laughing: