Battle of the Songs Group F


We had another tie in group E
Since Crawling had reached the most amount of votes first followed by Easier To Run they are the two to progress


  • Runaway
  • Faint
  • Hands Held High
  • Wretches And Kings
  • Castle Of Glass
  • Until It’s Gone


Another annoying poll, this was a hard one.


All I know is ATS is running out of full tracks very quickly lol


Runaway has started strong
Can it really hold it’s lead
With 4 HT songs through (3 Winners, 1 Runner Up)
Will it become the 5th
Or is a upset due?


You seriously just had me choose between Until It’s Gone and Faint? And you put HHH in there to make my life more miserable lol


Hands Held High is gaining ground on Runaway
With Until It’s Gone in 3rd
The rest failing to secure a vote, it’s not over yet
Remember I still have a vote so get voting


Tell your friends about this little game
Battle of the Songs aka B.O.T.S


Oh no Faint and HHH tied with Runaway on top
Someone break the 2nd place deadlock


Wretches and Kings


Tomorrow the poll will close
Get your friends to vote


#I used to listen to runaway a lot, when I was younger. But now, not so much…this was a easy pick. Faint.


Holy shit Faint has leap frogged Runaway
And polls will be closing shortly


What? *faints*