Battle Of The Songs Group G


So Faint stole 1st place of Group F from Runaway
Let Group G begin


  • By Myself
  • Figure.09
  • No More Sorrow
  • Iridescent
  • Victimized
  • Rebellion


This is virtually impossible to decide!


This one was a no brainer for me. Thanks lol


No More Sorrow has taken an early lead


Finally, an easy one. Had to be By Myself.


I LOVE the opening on Live In Texas


#-.- fak

#evil battle of the best thingies…


Well the next round of B.O.T.S should be a landslide since the most Iconic LP song will feature @intheend


@acemasters this one was easy for me, did we get a poll at the end (MAYBE AT GROUP Z) of all winners and vote for THE HYMNE?


Next vote, the other songs don’t stand a chance, not when In The End is in the line up. The only song that can hold a candle to it is The Catalyst.


I don’t know Breaking The Habit might pose abit of a threat


I need some one to break the 3 way tie…


@acemasters Told Ya

What? Iridescent tied with By Myself & No More Sorrow?


Exactly, how on earth did it get so many votes? I was expecting Figure .09 to put up a fight.


I was expecting No More Sorrow to win this.


Tie Break Poll


  • By Myself
  • No More Sorrow
  • Iridescent


I knew there would be a tie breaker poll, cuz it’s like Group A, with a max of 16 voters as well. I think there are only 16 people here who would vote in these polls.


This poll will close tonight (BST)


I think 16 of the toughest soldiers are sure reprasentive for the whole lot of the non-using-lpu soldiers!