Battle of the Songs Group I


Hate to say it but
In The End wins by recieving the most votes first
Followed by Breaking The Habit who drew with ITE but got the amount of votes 2nd
Time for group I


  • A Place For My Head
  • From The Inside
  • In Between
  • The Messenger
  • Skin To Bone
  • Final Masquerade


Please note this is The Messenger is the final song from ATS
So make it count
Replacing the slot I am thinking B-Sides (i.e No Roads Left, Blackbirds, Not Alone)
What do you think?


  • YES
  • NO


Nice little battle this one


These are so difficult. Not just this group, but all of them. My favorites change depending on my mood! Cause I love all their songs.


There is only 2 groups left after this and then my little twist is still yet to come


Just going through the songs so far that has made it and only 4 songs that are in the next round doesn’t belong to Hybrid Theory or Meteora
One word


I love these!


I don’t see why in the end got so much hate…it’s a great song. Me awesome :3

ps just because i won, doesn’t mean I’m going to run rampaged over the forums… :3


yes it´s a hard one again, but my heardt hsen directly to “in between” it helped me a lot not long ago to make descisions, so let´s have a look, who´s making it - acemaster, this one is to you

@acemasters this is an award, cause it´s the magic one!!! Sry @gatsie but I learned it from you and got the idea of acemasters-special-poop


I think u mean Breaking The Habit instead of Faint


Thanks again buddy


@The_early_walker; Words can’t express the gratitude I feel when you throw unicorn-poo in honor of me. Carry on my friend, carry on! :stuck_out_tongue:


This poll will close tonight

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The best game around :stuck_out_tongue:


is there a function to invite your friends all at once? I think, the names of them I know are still voting and for the other… ok, I´ll do sm invitation, even as excusion for posting your polling system bla bla, it was my challange to post in every post a lie…so, I´m on invit-trip cya arr